Facing The Truth – Exclusive Interview With The Langtunes

Interview by: Arash Karami

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The term “underground” musician can mean many things when you’re an Iranian based band. It can mean you are playing at small venues inside a Tehran warehouse or at a relative’s garden just outside the city. You can invite a select few friends or you can advertise to your specific audience. You can charge to perform or can you play for simply the love of performing for an audience. But what it ultimately means, I’ve come to find out, is that you don’t exist, or better yet you don’t have permission to exist.

Langtunes, a Tehran based indie rock band, is just one of these “underground” bands. They currently have 4 tracks available online which can be heard on SoundCloud: No Beat, No Romance, Face the Truth, Fragile Disguise, and The One That You Hid Inside. They sing in English, mostly, their fresh and raw sound resembles The Strokes & Interpol, somewhat, and for reasons like these they have not even bothered asking for permission to perform at official venues or sell their CDs at stores. Instead, like millions of other Iranians with talent who leave the country, they are attempting to organize live shows outside of the country.

Regardless of domestic limitations, they have an indie rock sound that could have easily come from London or New York, but they live, work, and create in Tehran, and that’s a truth that sooner rather later everyone will have to face.

billig Sildenafil Citrate snabb leverans Q: You started in 2009 as a cover band of British Indie Rock Scene in Tehran, Iran. How and where does a cover band of this genre perform in Tehran?

buy tastylia online A: Alternative musicians (and by alternative here I mean music other than the traditional and normal Iranian pop) normally can’t play live shows through the legitimate ways and on well known stages in Iran, although every now and then a chance may come up for a stage performance through unusual ways or in unusual places like some embassies or some non-governmental amphitheaters or cafe’s or maybe galleries which have led to many live performances of alternative bands over the past in Iran. Yet another less possible and yet more common way to play some live shows is to find an “underground” (which can mean lots of places) to play in for some few invited audiences.

We met each other in 2009 through the web and we wanted to work on some music projects. We did a few etudes and some unfinished songs and along way we did some covers on some songs of the bands we both liked. We found a drummer and a bassist and we started playing those covers more seriously. Then we decided to follow up some links to places where we could perform live on stage. But no chance. Our drummer had a house garden ( meaning “underground”) outside the city and we decided to play there for our own invited audience and so we did it. It was great. It was a big experience for all of us. After that we became more serious about writing our own stuff. So we worked on one my of older etudes in farsi which we are planning to maybe release it sometime in the future. And it was officially the beginning of Langtunes project.

indicador opciones binarias 60 segundos Q: How did you come up with the name “Langtunes”?

valutahandel med margin A: There’s always been an issue in our country about Iranian youth playing Western music and singing in English and forgetting about their own culture. This requires a serious study and deep reflection, but we believed it was ok for us to do so, and in fact we thought it was a bit risky because we were trying to produce what Western culture has been producing for at least 50 years now. So we had to do our best. Then we thought that a name mixed up from the two different languages can show what we are all about. And since the time-signature of our first released song was 5/8th and this time signature is kind of limp ( lang in farsi ) we decided to mix it with tunes and then we became “Langtunes”.

binäre optionen avatrade Q: You have covered British Indie Rock Scene and in your original music this influence comes through. What attracted you to this genre of rock?

binary options trading platform A: The British were always pioneers of rock music as far as we know, though the American indie rock scene today is wonderful as well. But with the British rock scene there is lots of great rock musicians and bands, loads of great ideas, new tones and colors, and mostly they are independent of what the big record companies dictate, plus for lots and lots of other reasons, this made us, along with the many number of Iranian young musicians, the fans of British alternative and rock music.

No presciption Priligy Q: Are there specific bands or musicians that have influenced you guys?

الخيارات الثنائية الموالية إشارات تحميل A: Well as you reach a certain age or place, you become a fan of “music” and no longer a fan of some few bands or musicians, and you start experiencing and learning new stuff from every music you hear and you enjoy them all. This is of course is in the sense of personal taste of each one of us in music. But if you’re asking about “Langtunes” we can name a number of bands who had the most influence on Langtunes’ music, like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Late of The Pier, Interpol, The Strokes …

cyclical trading system Q: Who is in the band and what is each of their roles?

valutahandel lön A: Well, we are basically Behrooz Moosavi and Kamyar Keramaty in the band. We’ve been playing with different sets of session members until now. If we want to mention some names we should say Behnam Biabangardi , Arash Asharioon, Garen Abnous. It’s kinda hard to tell who does what, but if we want to tell you briefly we can say that apart from bringing the main ideas of the songs which we both do, Behrooz mainly does the lyrics, bass lines, guitar riffs and melodies, and vocals , and Kamyar does the synthesizers , also the guitar riffs and melodies, and the main process of recordings ,mixing and mastering of the songs. We can say the process is some kind of a mixture between these. The drums are all played with virtual drums software and are all composed and written by both of us.

testosterone steroid injections side effects Q: How did you two each start with music?

bdswisst erfahrungen Behrooz: Well, my big brother bought his first classical guitar in 2001, when I was15 , and it was then when I used his guitar for the first time to practice some acoustic rock songs and tried playing some heavy metal licks and riffs (back then I was into Metal music). I bought my first instrument in 2002 when I was 17 which was a bass guitar. And I played it in two bands which led to some songs that were never recorded. All these years I played electric guitar too with my brother’s instrument and I always preferred it and I thought I was better at it. So it was 3 years later when I bought an electric guitar. And since then I’ve been playing both electric and bass guitars.

binäre optionen traden ohne mindesteinzahlung Kamyar: I bought my first instrument at the age of 15 which was a classical guitar, I played classical songs for a year and it was then when my passion for rock music grew stronger and I decided to switch to electric guitars. For six months in between these years I played flute due to my passion for rock musicians who played flute, but I gave it up after a while. I worked in one my of friend’s studio for 2 years or so and I recorded some songs there.

geld verdienen binäre optionen Q: Did it start at an early age? Did you have professional training of any kind?

بلوق خيار ثنائي Behrooz: My first experiences in music was at an early age when I was 10 or 11 years old. I went to basic music class (orf in farsi, I don’t know the English name for that) back then I played flute recorder and a kid’s size xylophone and I learned basic harmony and music theory. When it came to choosing professional instrument, I chose classical guitars but I couldn’t afford it, so it led to nothing.

libri sulle opzioni binarie Kamyar: I went to a few sessions of basic music classes (orf) when I was 5 years old but I didn’t finish it. I learned electric guitar from Hamid Khodaee for two years. Music harmony classes in Tehran university and 1 years of recording and mixing process study with Akbar Mehraban.

Q: You sing in English very well and I cannot detect an accent? Where did you learn to speak, and sing, in English so well?

A: I studied English in Iran Language Institute. I think it must be good because I learned it at an early age (between 14 to 17 I guess). And I don’t know what else to say. Just thanks.

Q: Have you both lived in Tehran your whole lives?

A: Yes we have.

Q: Have you ever traveled or lived outside of Iran? How has this affected you personally or artistically?

A: No. none of us have.

Q: You are currently recording original songs, how many original songs have you released so far? Do you record your songs in studios or at other locations?

A: Currently there are 3 released and two unreleased songs. We record our songs in our home studio in Kamyar’s house.

Q: I have found 3 of your songs on SoundCloud, and they are all in English, are you currently working on any Persian language songs?

A: We started our recordings with an unreleased song called “My Schizo” and the lyrics of that song was written in farsi and we haven’t yet decided whether to release it or not. But for the future songs we can say if it comes it comes, we don’t want to push it. So the answer is “no” we are not currently working on any song in farsi.

Q: Do you plan on staying in Tehran as an underground band or are you able to perform live shows for an audience?

A: As far as we know, we cannot play any live shows here in Tehran with its current situation. Maybe, hopefully, in the future. So as long as the situation’s the same, we guess we have to stay underground in Tehran.

Q: Do you have permission to sell CDs or are you currently only distributing online for the moment?

A: No. We definitely do not have permission to sell CDs through the legitimate ways and we’re not going to bother ourselves trying to do so either. So we have to stay on-line for the moment.

Q: Other than to release more original music, what other immediate goals are there for Langtunes?

A: Apart from recording our music and promoting ourselves, we are trying to organize some live shows in the next 2-3 months outside the country and when they are finalized we will announce the dates and places officially on our Facebook fanpage and myspace page.

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